Our Pathways to Transformation

To help children, you must address the problems affecting them. Through targeted projects, HEED is working to improve access to the essentials one remote community needs to thrive.

Spiritual Transformation

Overcoming poverty of spirit

The heart of HEED is to introduce children to the love of God.

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HEED partners with Uganda Christian Outreach Ministries who have been serving in Uganda since 1986. A new church sits on a hill like a beacon of light bringing the transformational love of Jesus to the community.

A voluntary school chapel, Sunday school program, Saturday program focused on character development, and other events have been developed to help children come to know God and His plan for their lives.

In Uganda, the church is a major center for both practical and spiritual well-being. Our village church hosts many area-wide events for pastors from the region who work together organizing projects and events that bring faith, hope and love to the community.

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