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Do you have a heart for serving those in Kyakitanga but don’t know where to start? Hosting a local event is a great way to channel your desire to help! We welcome your ideas for partnering with Heed to raise funds from within your family, workplace, school, or community. We even have a few ideas of our own!

Check out these successful events held by HEED supporters:

Shorline families

A few young girls and their families got together to support HEED in 2014. Their goal was to buy a few mattresses and a couple of goats. Three years and over $13,000 later, they have provided funds to install a pumping system to our borehole, walls to finish dormitories, desks and furniture for the high school, special meals for kids who eat porridge 7 days/week, and collected countless black shoes, backpacks, soccer equipment, and more. We are grateful and love to see kids helping other kids!

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The girls have made and sold crafts, done bake sales and even created scholastic materials with their Girl Scout Troop. They also invited their friends to an outdoor movie night that raised $2500!

Windermere Real Estate Agent, John Reich

John has taken it upon himself to fundraise for several different projects for HEED. He has rallied his friends/family to provide 300 mosquito nets to prevent malaria and raised almost $6000 to help provide funds for our school sick bay.

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Training on using the malaria nets provide by John and his friends. In the background, you can see the villagers lined up to receive their nets.

Days for Girls

A mutual friend connected HEED to Days for Girls, a fantastic organization who creates reusable menstruation kits and provides reproductive health education so that girls don’t miss school during “those days” of the month. One of their leaders organized a fundraiser at Taki Tiki BBQ in Edmonds so that we could provide kits and training in Uganda for all of our adolescent girls.

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Erone receiving her kit after attending the class taught by Days for Girls Uganda

Shoreline Rotary Club

The Shoreline Rotary club contacted HEED in 2011 to explore doing an international grant to help HEED with water, sanitation and educational needs. In conjunction with a club in Uganda and other local US clubs, that has resulted in over $300,000 of projects to benefit the schools, children and community HEED serves.

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The grants have supplied solar power, creation of a large reservoir, water harvesting structures and tanks on all buildings, desks, latrines, education and so much more. Thank you, Rotary!

Crystal Springs Co Op Preschool

Our first classroom was constructed by a preschool who contacted HEED to do a community service project. They settled on doing a bowl-a-thon, and over three years, they raised funds for desks, to help purchase our land, and amazed us when they raised exactly the amount it cost to build our first classroom-before we knew the actual cost!

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Crystal Springs Bowl-A-Thons at Robinhood Lanes in Edmonds raised over $5000 for HEED

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