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Ongoing Giving

Consistency Brings Stability

Generic placeholder image Transformation Team

Monthly support is one of our biggest needs. Regular giving funds operations and helps us budget and plan effectively. Our monthly donors provide the backbone for all of HEED’s projects.

Would you consider joining the HEED “Transformation Team” by becoming a monthly donor helping us to sustain and grow ministry programs?

HEED Did You Know

Did you know?

Credit Card payment options have the highest fees? Paying with Venmo & ACH have the lowest fees for Non-Profits.

Community Development

Partnering for community driven initiatives

Generic placeholder image Equip the Community Development Team

Our community development program creates and trains locally led Community Leadership Teams who develop their own plans for sustainable development in their communities. Initiatives are funded through savings groups where members collectively save and invest. Each team creates a different group project to improve the livelihoods of its members.

Our community development team needs transportation to reach more communities and empower more lives.


Education creates a path out of poverty

Generic placeholder image Equip the schools

Education is the catalyst for empowered futures, so we created space for more students. Can you help furnish our new high school dormitories and the new computer lab at the primary school?

Sports and physical education are an important component of a well-rounded education. Our high school field is bare and rocky for our often-barefooted soccer players. If we can purchase topsoil, seed and fertilizer, the students can rake, screen, and plant the field section by section.

Finally, power has come to the area, can you help bring electricity connections to each of our teacher’s houses?

HEED Did You Know

Did you know?

For every additional year of school a girl completes, her lifetime wages increase by 10%


The most important wealth is health

Generic placeholder image Equip the Clinic

Our community clinic serves our students and over 6500 people from 6 villages. Many people walk for hours to reach the clinic. A Tuk Tuk is a 3-wheeled tricycle that can be customized to become an ambulance for bringing patients and expectant mothers safely to the clinic for treatment.

An incinerator to safely dispose of medical waste, and additional equipment for our maternity ward are also needed. Can you help us continue to bring improved health so the community can thrive?

HEED Did You Know

Did you know?

Until HEED opened the community clinic, the nearest medical facility was 12 miles away.

Empower Futures

God created us to flourish but barriers like poverty hinder that

Generic placeholder image Equip Our Demonstration Farm

Education empowers futures in people of all ages. Our demonstration farming program allows us to grow crops and rear animals to decrease school expenses and demonstrate innovative ways to generate income.

In addition to growing maize, fruits, and vegetables to feed the students, we grow coffee as an income generating project for the schools and community. This year we hope to expand our goat herd, acquire several milk cows to add milk to the students’ porridge, and plant an additional 3000 coffee bushes on three acres that will begin yielding coffee beans in just 18 months.

Spiritual Growth

Every child is created in the image of God, is valuable, and has a purpose

Generic placeholder image Build The Kingdom

We desire for all we serve to discover their full potential through a life-giving relationship with Jesus. Working beside the village church we planted, through Scripture Union Clubs in the schools, and special events we seek to share the love of God in all we do.


HEED Did You Know

Did you know?

HEED believes that every individual is a child of God, and it is our hope that through our work they would know the love of Jesus.

Water, Sanitation & Hygiene

Water brings life

Generic placeholder image Supply Water & Hygiene

An adequate year round water supply for the schools is something we are still working toward. Due to little subsurface water to supply wells, we must rely on rainwater collection which requires a massive amount of storage. Can you help us add water tanks to our storage system so that we can store enough water in the rainy season to sustain us through the dry season?

Water purifiers for each classroom would ensure that harvested water is pure, and additional hand washing stations are needed throughout the campus to easily wash away germs.