Support Heed with a General Gift

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A gift to our general fund is one of the most impactful gifts you can give. We will apply your gift to the area of greatest need and for general operations of the ministry. These donations are paramount to helping the ministry thrive.

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Education is the Path to Better Tomorrows

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We have transitioned from a one-to-one sponsorship program to a scholarship program enabling more needy children to attend school. Recipients meet requirements and find ways to give back to HEED. This empowers them instead of causing entitlement.

Sponsoring provides:

  • Scholarships for children whose families can’t afford the fees to attend school
  • Basic necessities for the children, including meals and medical care
  • Teacher salaries & learning materials

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The Whole Community Benefits when Children Go to School

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In early 2013, we started a high school as a next-step in education for the first graduating class from our primary school. This year, we celebrated our second high school graduating class in the village-ever.

We have been operating in wooden structures with dirt floors, but it is holding back the high school. It costs just $25/square foot to build classrooms. A full classroom can be built for $15,000. Every square foot funded helps. Can you partner with us for permanent classrooms?


Every Child Is Created In The Image Of God, Is Valuable, And Has A Purpose

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Our children’s discipleship program includes morning prayer and worship at school, weekly chapels, a high school youth club, soccer outreaches, and Sunday School. We are thrilled to see children who have grown up in our program taking on leadership roles. We hope to send promising leaders to a bible camp to equip and encourage them.

Item Needed Received
Good News Student Bible 25 0
Adult Bible 25 0
Chairs For Growing Church 25 0
1-Week Bible Camp 6 0


Equipped Classrooms Create Success

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Our schools have been built African style: “a little bit at a time.” Our primary classrooms have never been painted, and teachers currently don’t have desks. We would like to furnish our high school classrooms with Q-Desks, an individual, indestructible desk made from recycled plastic. Can You Help Furnish Our Classrooms?

Item Needed Received
Teachers chair 30 0
Bench for grounds 6 0
Student Q-desk 100 0
Teachers desk 30 0
Prep & paint 1 classroom 10 0


God Created Us To Flourish, But Barriers Like Poverty Hinder That

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Several successful, small businesses have been started by the participants of the new savings circle. In these groups, people pool and manage their own financial resources to create capital to start businesses and manage their economic needs. Seeing the members’ success, more groups are forming. Businesses bring lasting transformation!

Trainers are needed to bring financial literacy, improved farming practices, business training, and other important life skills through the groups.


Instead Of Dependency - Empowerment
Instead Of Pity - Partnership
Instead Of Aid - Support

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We plan to demonstrate modern farming and animal husbandry techniques on our new farmland. This will transfer skills to students and the community while providing income for the school.

We will raise selected animal breeds, multiply them and sell to members of the savings groups at a subsidized price. The recipients will then pass on the first offspring to future program participants. We plan to begin with goats this year.

Partner With Us For Our Demonstration Center!

Item Needed Received
Garden Hoes 25 0
Weeding Rakes 10 0
1 Acre High Producing Seeds 15 0
Goat (Local Breed) 10 0
Goat (Improved Breed) 10 0
Gas Powered Rototiller 1 0


Healthy Children Learn Better

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We are thankful to employ a qualified school nurse to serve students and teachers. Since Nurse Lydia has arrived, the children are noticeably healthier and have had fewer days of missed school. She also helps teach proper sanitation and hygiene, which is the best preventative medicine there is!

Water Projects

Clean Water & Sanitation

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HEED wants water collection from contaminated ponds like this to become a thing of the past. An adequate, clean water supply continues to be a challenge.

The area has no rivers or springs, little subsurface water for wells, and endures long seasons without rain. Engineering studies have determined that water collection is the best way for HEED to work toward an adequate water supply. Can you help HEED grow their water collection system?

Item Needed Received
Section of gutters 75 0
Water tap & pipes 3 0
Share of water harvesting tank 3 0
5000-liter water tank 3 0