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A gift to our general fund is one of the most impactful gifts you can give. We will apply your gift to the area of greatest need and for general operations of the ministry. These donations are paramount to helping the ministry thrive.

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Equipped Classrooms Create Success

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Education changes lives! Between the primary and high school, over 600 children attend our schools, over 200 live on-campus, and about 40 teachers and staff are employed. We have sourced a new Christian curriculum that meets Uganda’s national guidelines but incorporates more creative problem solving, inference and practical application all taught from a culturally appropriate and Biblical perspective. Where implemented, children are excelling and learning to think creatively. Help us provide plenty of well-qualified teachers, school furniture, and the curriculum for children to thrive.

Item Needed Received
Preschool Chair 128 30
Preschool Desk 16 4
Roots to Fruits Curriculum 6 0

Water Projects

Water Is Life

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We are working in the “hard place;” in an area nicknamed unlucky because of the harsh climate and lack of natural water resources. We have a low producing well and rely on collecting rain water for most of our water supply. Several more buildings could to connect to our water collection system to increase available life-giving water.

Item Needed Received
10 Ft Gutters 60 40
20 FT Pipes 160 130
Water Tank 16 8
Generator for Water Pump 1 0

Spiritual Growth

Every Child Is Created In The Image Of God, Is Valuable, And Has A Purpose

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Sharing this message and the good news of the gospel is central to our mission. Our Children’s Discipleship Program includes morning prayer and worship at both schools, weekly chapels, a high school youth club, Scripture Union Club, and Sunday school all overseen by our pastor who serves the schools as chaplain. We hope to send promising leaders to a Bible Camp and holiday seminars with our partner ministry in Kampala to continue this wave of hope.

Health & Sanitation

Healthy Children Learn Better

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There is no health care available in the area. We are thankful to employ a school nurse to care for the students’ and teachers’ health and to spearhead our efforts to improve hygiene and sanitation. A doctor comes every quarter to provide check-ups and provide consultation with the nurse. Children’s health is visibly improved!

The boarding students bring their bedding from home where mattresses typically lie on bare, dirt floors. Parasites are carried back to the dormitories in the bedding. For better health, we would like to provide mattresses and bedding in our dormitories.

Item Needed Received
Bunk beds purchased 0 200
Mattresses purchased 0 230
Blankets purchased 0 230
Months of medical supplies 6 6
Months of doctor paid 6 6
Months of nurse supplies 0 12

Food Security & Income Generation

Instead Of Aid - Support
Instead Of Pity - Partnership
Instead Of Dependency - Empowerment

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As we strive for the sustainability of our schools, we work to increase household incomes in the area. We are excited that the Ugandan government has asked to partner with us in a pilot project to create a coffee growing cooperative in our area. A horticulturist has been hired to coordinate the different farming projects on our land and work with the coffee farmers. A walk-behind tractor and funds to create irrigation ponds are needed to help the project start off right.

Empower Futures

God Created Us To Flourish, But Barriers Like Poverty Hinder That

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Several successful small businesses have been started by the the participants of the saving circles. In these circles, people pool and manage their own financial resources to create capital to start businesses and manage their economic needs. Seeing the members’ success, several more groups are forming. Businesses bring lasting transformation!

Trainers are needed to bring financial literacy, business training, and other important life skills through the saving circles.

Invest In Education

The Whole Community Benefits when Children Go to School

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We just dedicated our first permanent high school building, creating excitement for miles around. It is predicted that the high school population could double next year requiring more teachers and housing. A second classroom building is under construction and will need sanitary facilities. At the primary school, finishing the buildings has happened in stages. The outside of the primary school still needs plastering to prevent the bricks from “melting” in the rain.

Construction cost is approximately $25 per square foot. Every square foot helps!