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Consistency Brings Stability

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Transformation Team

Consistant giving to our general fund allows us to plan and budget effectively. Join the HEED “Transformation Team” to help us sustain and grow ministry opportunities.

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Support Our 2021 Projects


Equipped classrooms create success

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Provide a Teacher or Program Supplies

Between the primary and high school, over 600 children normally attend our schools, and about 50 teachers and staff are employed. In addition to our interactive curriculum, we teach vocational skills crucial to our students’ life-long success.

Invest In Education

Education creates a path out of poverty

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Equip Our New Building

A fabulous Multi-Purpose building will soon be completed for dining, assemblies, chapel, performances, and community gatherings. Kitchen supplies, tables, and chairs are needed to furnish it, and the drama program would love costumes and instruments for performing.

Income Generation

Empower our students and community

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Equip Our Demonstration Garden

We grow crops to decrease school expenses and to demonstrate innovative ways to generate income for the students and community. This year, we hope to add more animals and implement a drip irrigation system to safeguard harvests.


Good health is a priceless gift

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Give Improved Health

Our new community clinic offers the only health care for an estimated 12,000 people from six villages. Once powered, our ultrasound machine will be the only one available to serve 250,000 people. Supplies and power for the clinic are needed.

Transform Futures

God created us to flourish, but barriers like poverty hinder that

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Provide Training

Through a training program developed by CARE International, we will equip trainers to implement saving circles which have proven effective in combating poverty by providing tools to cope with emergencies, build capital, and create businesses that support self-reliance. A 10-day training program with monthly follow up is planned for early 2021.

Spiritual Growth

Every child is created in the image of God, is valuable, and has a purpose

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Build The Kingdom

Our children’s programs include morning prayer and worship, weekly chapels, a high school youth club, Scripture Union Club, and Sunday School. Four area-wide gatherings are planned in 2021 to impact the lives of youth, and this year the church members would love to say goodbye to dirt floors and unfinished walls inside their building.

Water, Sanitation & Hygiene

The whole community benefits when children learn healthy habits

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Help with Hygiene

The most basic tool for good hygiene is soap & water, but an adequate year-round water supply for the schools is something we are still working toward. A water harvesting and pumping system at the high school would increase supply and additional hand-washing stations are also needed to make hand washing available at each building.