Support Our 2022 Projects

Ongoing Giving

Consistency Brings Stability

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Transformation Team

Consistent giving to our general fund allows us to plan and budget effectively. Join the HEED “Transformation Team” to help us sustain and grow ministry opportunities.


Education creates a path out of poverty

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Provide Practical Skills

We believe in equipping students with practical skills to live healthy, productive lives, and earn a living. In November 2021 we launched our new Vocational Institute teaching hairdressing, tailoring, catering, mechanics, and agriculture. Supplies are needed for our welding and motorcycle mechanic programs.

Give Power & Connection

Equip students for the modern world

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Help Us Connect

Because of the development HEED has created in the area, the government has brought power lines to connect our projects to the national grid! Once we can run power lines to each building and install electric meters, our buildings will have power. The 21st Century is coming to Kyakitanga!

Starlink, a subsidiary of SpaceX Corporation, who provides internet access through a network of low-Earth-orbiting satellites, is doing a beta test in Uganda. HEED is participating, and we are excited to create a campus-wide wireless network when the satellites are launched over Uganda sometime in 2022. Consistent, affordable Internet will enable staff to work effectively and provide an educational leap forward to our students.

Food Security & Income Generation

Innovation for better futures

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Equip Our Demonstration Farm

Our demonstration farm allows us to grow crops to decrease school expenses and demonstrate innovative ways to generate income. Pigs, goats, rabbits, cows, & poultry provide improved nutrition for our students, demonstrate progressive animal rearing techniques for our vocational program, and provide fertilizers for the garden.

Our animals and crops are dependent on seasonal rains which are becoming less consistent. Digging a large pond is the first step in creating an irrigation system that would help prevent crop failure and allow for year-round growth of crops.


Good health is a priceless gift

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Give Improved Health

Until we opened our community clinic in 2020, the nearest qualified medical care was 12 miles away, via motorcycle taxi. The clinic serves our students, staff and about 12,000 people from six villages. On top of the strain of COVID, 90% of our community reports contracting malaria in the last year. Community health programs are critical to helping the community thrive.

Empower Futures

God created us to flourish but barriers like poverty hinder that

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Provide Training

Education empowers futures no matter the age. In addition to our schools, we have launched a vocational institute, small business programs for school dropouts, and plan to begin an adult literacy program in 2022.

Saving Circles have proven effective in combating poverty by providing members with the means to cope with emergencies, build capital, and create businesses that support genuine self-reliance. 82% of our community members earn less than $1000/year. Saving Circles are our core project to move the community beyond poverty.

Spiritual Growth

Every child is created in the image of God, is valuable, and has a purpose

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Build The Kingdom

This year the church was finally completed inside and out. It only lacks the final coat of paint. We also purchased a small house neighboring the church for pastor’s housing, but it has dirt floors and bare, brick walls. Our Pastor Annet moved from the comforts of the city to the village to serve, and we would love to make this house a home for her.

The isolation from repeated school closures due to COVID has been especially hard on our youth. Help us to draw them back, encourage their faith, and equip them with skills through a 5-day camp and quarterly outreaches with The Gospel Blaze ministry.

Water, Sanitation & Hygiene

Water brings life

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Supply Water & Hygiene

We are still working toward an adequate year-round water supply for the schools. Adding a water harvesting system to our new Multipurpose Hall would increase the primary school water supply by 25%. A solar pump to an elevated water tank would allow water to flow by gravity throughout the primary campus, to our clinic, and to the teacher quarters.