Our Pathways to Transformation

To help children, you must address the problems affecting them. Through targeted projects, HEED is working to improve access to the essentials one remote community needs to thrive.


A Powerful Catalyst for Change

HEED’s first intervention in the area was the community’s biggest desire: Education for their children.

Before HEED began serving in the area, there had been little opportunity for schooling. Situations like the outdoor classroom pictured below tried to fill the gap.

In developing countries, education improves food security, reduces malnutrition and the spread of communicable diseases, promotes gender equality, and improves lifetime wages with every year of school attended. It changes everything.

Bringing Opportunity

In 2007, HEED brought a teacher to the village who began classes in a borrowed church. Children of all ages flocked to join kindergarten and first grade. Today, Ebenezer Primary School serves hundreds of children in classes from nursery school through Primary Seven.

As students began to graduate from primary school, there was a need for continuing education. Yet again, there was no secondary school to attend in the entire 250,000 person sub-county. So, in 2014, HEED embarked on a high school project.

Education for All

Children of all tribes and religions are welcomed in our schools, and students are succeeding on the national exams. The school buildings are still a work in progress, but every day classrooms fill with children who are learning and creating opportunities for a brighter future.

If you would like to help HEED provide educational opportunity, click on GIVE below.

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