Our Story

A 20-minute documentary on the founding and vision for HEED Uganda

Who We Are

HEED Uganda was founded in 2005 to take over the care of 17 of the neediest children who had been taken from a destitute, remote village in Central Uganda, to a school in the capital, Kampala.

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Bringing Hope

In 2006, founder, Julie Secrist, visited the children’s home village with a calling to help children attain education. Most children had little hope for education, few had access to health care, there was no clean water, and most showed signs of malnutrition.

Ebenezer Primary School was launched in 2006 to intervene. A teacher was hired, and classes began on the floor of a borrowed church. Over 100 students enrolled. By 2010, over 350 children were enrolled.

Temporary classrooms were added, and with a leap of faith, land for a permanent school was purchased. The first 3 classrooms were built in 2011, followed by a borehole to begin to meet the need for clean water for the school children. Older students caught up to their grade levels and girls were given more options for their futures than early marriage and motherhood.

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HEED Primary School 2010

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The first 6 permanent classrooms were constructed by 2012

Staying on Mission

The first 6 classrooms were completed in 2012, and we had the start of a school campus. In 2013, a second 6-classroom block was built and soon the first graduates of primary were ready for high school.

Water harvesting was added to classrooms and connected to a 100,000 liter cistern. An expanded reservoir and a solar pump to get the most out of our borehole were realized by a Rotary International grant in 2014.

Ebenezer High School began in 2014, and in 2015 land was purchased to begin building a permanent campus.

Student presenting in class

Heed Today

Training in sanitation, permaculture which maximizes food production, business concepts, discipleship, and many other areas are equipping the community for success. We are excited to see Kyakitanga and surrounding areas begin to emerge from poverty and plan for their futures.

Improved Health

A school sick bay with a trained nurse opened in 2016 and other interventions like reusable menstruation kits, regular de-worming, fluoride varnish, and sanitation training have brought better health.

Spiritual Growth

Heed continues to equip and assist a local church to lovingly share the gospel of Jesus Christ with the children and community.

500 Students

As the community has embraced the opportunity for education, the school continues to grow.

Contribute to Heed’s mission to help, evangelize, disciple, and equip vulnerable children and their families.