Our Pathways to Transformation

To help children, you must address the problems affecting them.
Through targeted projects, HEED is working to improve access to the essentials one remote community needs to thrive.

Income Generation

Empowering the Community Toward Fullness of Life

HEED invests in solutions that seek to meet tangible needs, create jobs, and usher in long-term change.

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The village chairman, Christopher, began planting eggplant in addition to bananas for crop diversification. His bountiful eggplant harvest now pays school fees for his 7 children.

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Community Meetings to plan improvements together.

Communities are the best agents of their own change, and HEED aims to help the community transform from within through participatory development programs that teach self-reliance, economic cooperation, and proactive improvement for the common good of the community.

A saving and microfinance organization is now working in partnership with HEED within the community teaching the principles of saving, borrowing and business planning. This adds onto leadership, entrepreneurial business, and permaculture farming training introduced by other ministries who have partnered with HEED to uplift the community and bring sustainable change.

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