Support HEED with a general gift

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A gift to our general fund is...

One of the most impactful gifts you can give. We will apply your gift to the area of greatest need and for general operations of the ministry. These donations are paramount to helping the ministry thrive.

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Support HEED as a Scholarship Fund Partner

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Our scholarship fund covers school operating costs and teacher salaries; basic necessities for the children including meals, school supplies, and medical care; and scholarships for children whose families can’t afford school fees. Scholarship Fund Partners will receive quarterly updates featuring one of the children in our program, as well as a year-end gift hand-made especially for you by one of the children benefiting from your partnership!

A monthly scholarship contribution of just $10/month will cover HEED’s cost for one child to attend primary school​; $25​/month will meet HEED’s expense for a year of high school for one student!

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Support HEED by investing in our current projects

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Give the Gift of Home

Some students live too far to walk to school, are orphaned, or live in an unsafe home, and other students come from outside the area because of the school’s solid performance on national exams. Help us finish and furnish our dormitories to create a safe space for those live and learn together.

Item Needed Recieved
Storage lockers 56 10
Gathering space tables 3 1
Bunk bed 28 20
Security fencing/side 8 0
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Discipleship Ministry Needs

Teaching children that their Heavenly Father loves them and has a plan and purpose for their life is central to all we do.

Our discipleship programs include before and after school prayer, weekly chapels, Super Saturday Outreaches, events for area schools, and hosting quarterly outreaches for youth with area churches. We also develop future leaders by sending them to Bible Camp during their school breaks.

Item Needed Recieved
Microphone system 1 1
Speaker system 1 1
Bible camp 10 5
Generator 2 0
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Learning and Vocation

We want our children to flourish and reach their potential. Help us provide a vibrant learning environment with needed school supplies, text books, classroom furniture and vocational skills to earn an income in their rural setting. This year we hope to begin carpentry classes.

Item Needed Recieved
Text book 60 60
Hammer 10 10
Hand saw 10 3
Plane 2 1
Classroom supplies 15 0
Tables and chairs 10 0
Hand Drill & bits 10 0
Classroom shelves 10 0
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First High School Classrooms

In early 2013, we began a high school so our first class to graduate from primary school could continue their education. We now have four acres of land to begin building a permanent campus.
Support has been pledged for half of the funds to construct six new classrooms.

Can you help us complete them?

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Break the Cycle of Poverty

To provide an avenue out of poverty, the first Village Savings and Loan Association (saving circle) was introduced, and it’s thriving!

In saving circles, people pool and manage their own financial resources to address their economic needs. They create groups that can be trained in financial literacy, improved agronomic and livestock management practices, and other important life skills.

We want to develop a core group of trainers to expand this successful program through the area.

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Income Generation

Cattle, pig or goat rearing is familiar and one of the main sources of income in our community, so it is a natural starting point to improve livelihoods. Successful participants in the saving circle training programs, will be eligible to receive a male and a female goat or pig, pledging to return two offspring to the project to help another family who has completed the training.

As families continue to “pay it forward” with offspring, the impact of your gift will multiply!

Item Needed Recieved
One kid 10 6
One piglet 10 10
Adult breeding female goat 10 7
Adult breeding female pig 10 0
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The Gift of Good Health

We are pleased to have a qualified school nurse on staff to serve students and teachers. Since Nurse Lydia came aboard, the children are noticeably healthier and have had fewer days of missed school. She also helps teach proper sanitation and hygiene which is the best preventative medicine there is!

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Water is Life

HEED wants water collection from contaminated ponds like this become a thing of the past. An adequate, clean water supply continues to be a challenge.

The area has no rivers or springs, little subsurface water for wells, and endures long seasons without rain. Engineering studies have determined that water collection is the best way for HEED to work toward an adequate water supply.

Can you help HEED grow their water collection system?

Item Needed Recieved
Section of Gutters 75 0
Water tap & pipes 3 0
Share of water harvesting tank 3 0
5000 liter water tank 3 0